Thank you for your interest in the “FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS” Program!

“Friends with Benefits” (FWB) is the Virtual 4-month Empowerment Program for the “Friends with Vision” Network.  The FWB program is focused on helping you EMBRACE and EXECUTE God’s purpose for your life! This program is designed for the busy woman who knows she needs the support, but wants to move at her own pace! Our program is an independent/self-study program.    All “FWB” members are also encouraged to fully participate in the FREE “Friends with Vision” online community and the periodic in-person events!

The “FWB” program is specifically for those who need:

·         CLARITY on the customized plan God has ordained for you in this season of your life!

o   Through each audio class you will be taken through what God’s Words says about purpose and by the end of the course you will be have practical steps in identifying your specific purpose.

·         COURAGE to once and for all silence the inner bully that stops you from walking out your purpose!

o   Often we blame others as to why we aren’t walking in our purpose, but as you go through the classes you will discover that often it is our own negative self-talk that bullies us into paralysis.  Through this program you will be given the tools to silence your own ‘stinking thinking’ and once and for all move forward!

·         CONSISTENCY in their journey towards destiny!   

o   Many of you may already have clarity on your purpose, and you may have the courage to walk it out, but what you need in your life is more consistency.  By committing to each class you will learn how to hold yourself accountable to your purpose!

If you are a woman that is ready to INVEST in yourself, IDENTIFY your purpose and IGNITE your life…then the “Friends with Benefits” Program is for you!

In addition to gaining CLARITY, COURAGE and CONSISTENCY, participants also will:

·         Experience increased self-worth as they understand the customized plan for their life

·         Be liberated from the fear that has paralyzed them for so long

·         Boldly surround themselves with those who are like-minded & can push them towards greatness

·         Alienate anyone or anything that does not encourage wholeness & liberty in their life

·         Eliminate the distractions that keep them from moving forward

How do we accomplish all of that through this program?  It isn’t as complicated as you might think! Remember, this program is customized to be done at the pace that is comfortable for you!  Review the three tier’s offered below to determine which best fits your needs.

·      The Friends with Benefits Program uses the "Purpose Project" Series, which teaches:

§  What God's Word says about living your life with purpose

§  Why living life with purpose is NOT optional but mandatory

§  The top THREE things that STOP us from pursuing purpose

§  How to create an atmosphere that will support your purpose journey

§  The importance of understanding your natural strengths & how they impact your purpose

§  The difference between your personality and your character

§  How to define your personal vision and mission statements

§  The importance of paying attention to “themes” in your life

§  The 7 Steps that you must take to ensure you will identify and embrace your purpose

And so much more!

        Special Bonus! When you sign up for the "FWB" you will also receive a 15% Discount on all in-person sessions & merchandise!

(***SPECIAL NOTE:  Are you a member of a special network group OR do you have a group of friends that would like to go through the 4-month empowerment program together? For a group of 5 or more women, you can receive a discount AND receive private group Q&A for your network! Email us to learn more!