Work with Robin

I am walking in my purpose when I help YOU walk in yours!

There are several ways that we can connect:

1. You can join the Private & ABSOLUTELY FREE "Friends with Vision" Facebook Group (Click HERE). I am extremely interactive in the group and LOVE connecting with the ladies - - - We are all sisters!

2. Are you a member of an organization (church, sorority, work network, etc) that is looking for a speaker? Click HERE to check out speaking topics!

3. If you are interested in more personalized support, there are 3 options:

A. Customized Group Session: You may be interested in the "Life Circle" Program Group process. This will allow you and your friends to go through the program at a discounted rate while holding one another accountable! Click HERE!

B. LIFE Circle Independent Study Program (with optional coaching sessions: If you are looking for more structured support, this is the program specifically for you, but with the additional coaching session to help customize your needs! Click HERE!

C. Vision Parties: Do you remember the old school Tupperware Parties? This is very similar yet instead of pushing Tupperware, I am your PURPOSE PUSHER! Gather your girlfriends, grab your supplies and let's get clear on our purpose! To learn more and to schedule your Vision Party, click HERE!