7 Beliefs that Guide Powerful and Purposeful Women (Part 1)

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7 Beliefs that Guide Powerful and Purposeful Women (Part 1) by Robin May

7Beliefs_Part 1
Embracing the greatness that is within you isn’t as elusive as it may seem. And while it may sound like a cliché, there IS greatness inside of you and it is up to YOU to embrace it.

One of the things I know for sure is that there is a system that can be followed…strategies that can be taught….lessons that can be learned that will allow each of us to fulfill our purpose.

Now let’s be clear. God’s timing must take center stage, but so many of us are sitting back ‘waiting’ on God without realizing that ‘waiting’ on Him does not mean being stagnant. You must do your part and then trust Him to do what you can’t do.

In order for you to truly be the purposeful woman (or man) that you were created to be, you must constantly and consistently evaluate your core beliefs.  For most of us, our greatest battle is in our minds and so you must be vigilant about what you are thinking and believing about your life and how you are living it!

With that in mind, below you will find 4 of the 7 Beliefs that guide powerful and purposeful women. Make sure you check back in two weeks (from the date of this post) for Part Two where I will give you the remaining (3) beliefs!

So let’s dive right in with 4 of the 7 Beliefs I want you to consider. If you want to be a powerful and purposeful woman you must:

1. Intentionally keep first things first

Women who understand what it truly means to be powerful & purposeful realize that while professional success is empowering and welcomed, what truly matters is honoring your core values and priorities.

Whether it is staying true to your spiritual convictions, protecting the sanctity of your marriage or engaging intimately in the life of your children, knowing what matters most to you keeps you on the right path. Powerful people keep first things first by creating systems that honor their priorities.

For example, my husband has communicated the importance of his pre-scheduled “Daddy duty” time with his team, so much so that they often reach out to me on the rare occasions something interferes with it.

Each of us can take that same lead. Place your priorities on your calendar; Have ongoing accountability meetings with those that hold you to your expressed priorities; don’t be afraid to re-work things when you are out of sync.

Identify what really matters most and then build your life in a way that matches your values!

2. Realize that while you can handle being a chief, you must sometimes be an Indian

You’ve heard it before. Every leader must know how to be led! There is nothing more frustrating that someone who demands something that they don’t know how to give. A powerful person (man or woman) realizes that in order to truly gain respect as a leader, you must know how to give that same respect to others.

One of the 6 mistakes discussed in my previous blog is “Believing in the superwoman myth”. Many of us, often out of necessity, have learned to handle it all and because it looks like we do it with ease, we are consistently given more responsibilities. But a powerful woman understands that she cannot be all things to all people.

In order to fully thrive in your specific area of calling and purpose, you must know when it is your time to step up to the plate and take charge and more importantly when it’s your time to let someone else take the lead.

(A word of caution to the wives: Let’s face the facts. Statistics show that in many marriages the wife is making more money than her husband which often means she has a greater leadership role in the workplace than her husband may have in his career. If this is true for you, this belief is critical for you to embrace. When you are a strong leader in the workplace at times it can be a challenge to shift roles at home. Many times wives are complaining that their spouse won’t ‘step up to the plate’ in their marriage. And honestly, I often find their concern/complaints valid. But…I just want to encourage you: Make sure you’ve stepped OFF the plate so he CAN step up to it. Choose to be an Indian and overtime watch how he thrives as the chief.)

3. Know the rules and play the game accordingly

2 Timothy 2:5 says “…if anyone competes in athletics he is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules”. So a purposeful woman understands that if she is going to get in the game, she must first know the rules and then compete accordingly.

Whether it is the rules of Corporate America, the rules of money management, the rules of being an entrepreneur, you must know how to follow the rules…or the principles of the game. Maybe it’s the principles of marriage, the principles of networking or the principles of ministry…; identify the specific area that you are focused on in this season, become knowledgeable on the rules of that area and then get in the game!

Let’s be clear. Knowing the rules and playing accordingly, doesn’t mean dishonoring your personal values (See Beliefs 1 and 4). It simply means knowing the standard operating procedures that are required to achieve success in that area.

One more thought on knowing the rules: You must also know the challenges that occur within the area you are focused on so that you aren’t surprised when those challenges show up. Many of my fellow purposeful sisters often have to remind one another that if we are going to get in the deep water we won’t be dealing with goldfish…there are sharks in the deep! If you can’t deal with it, you may need to get back on the shore.

4. Refuse to win ‘at any cost’

Although powerful people understand that you must know the rules and play the game accordingly, they are not willing to win if it means selling their soul. There is a line that a woman of integrity refuses to cross. For each person that line may be different, so it is up to you to know what you are not willing to risk.

For me, I am not willing to risk my moral standard or my family in order to gain success. When either of those things appear to be threatened, I quickly do a self-check, pull back and begin to realign my priorities. It may sound easy or it may seem like that line is very clear, but often it isn’t. That is why I make sure I stay open to feedback from my inner circle. They can often see when I am teetering on the edge and they have no problem pulling me right back.

It is up to you to be clear on what your line is and the systems you have in place that keep you from crossing it. Women, who understand their power and know the purpose they have been created for, are not willing to sacrifice themselves for momentary approval from random people. A woman of purpose and power strives for a standing ovation from an audience of One…the Creator of the Universe.


So there you have it! 4 of the 7 Beliefs that Guide Powerful and Purposeful Women! Check back next week for Part 2.

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