Chartering New Territory? These tips may help!

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Charting new territory can be a little off-putting and even downright scary at times.  Often, going places and doing things that you haven’t done before can cause even the most confident person to have moments of self-doubt. So if you find yourself in a new season and it feels a little unsteady, it is okay.  Below are a few things that you must do if you are going to be successful in this unfamiliar place.

One of the first things to do when navigating new terrain is to accept your new normal. Recently my good friend K.D. Bowe sent me a text telling me that very thing and initially I rolled my eyes at the text. Not because he isn’t right, but because it so sounded like something I would say.  And he was right.  When you are in a new place, you need to accept the new normal. Even if the new place isn’t permanent, you will never be the same person you were before the experience, so instead of fighting the waves, learn to ride them! (Click to Tweet)

As you travel through this new season, you should remember you have actually been here before. No, maybe not the exact same scenario, but experiencing something you’ve never experienced before is not so new after all.  Think back to your first day on your college campus….maybe your first day on a new job.  Think back to the first year of marriage or maybe the first day you brought your first child home.  You have experienced a ‘new season’ before so think back to one of those experiences and identify what you did during that time to get adjusted. (Click to Tweet)

As you continue on the journey, you must connect with a comrade.  If you look through ANY of my previous blogs you will find this as a common theme! Get off of Isolation Island.  It is vital that you stay connected to at least one person who is on a similar journey as you.  The two of you can discuss your feelings, fears and frustrations.  This friendship is a safe place for you to be vulnerable and know that you are not being judged because your comrade is feeling so many of the same emotions. Maybe you and your girlfriend are both high power executives trying to deal with a male-dominated workplace.  No, it’s not in the same field, but the challenges are the same. For me, one of my best friends is a Pastors wife and so many of my feelings as a politician’s wife are similar so we can support one another! This comrade is not there to help you stay stuck, but to help you normalize what you are feelings and for the two of you to encourage one another along the way.

Connecting with someone who is experiencing a similar season right along with you is important, but you should also search for a tourist guide.  Don’t laugh but at one point I was seriously considering a career as a tourist guide. Seriously! But after doing one tour for a group of people, I realized that was not my cup of tea! But when you are going through a new season in your life, you want to connect with someone who has been there before and can show you around!  Think through your network of friends/family members to see if there is someone in your life who has faced as similar situation.  If not, ask around.  Share with people you trust what you are facing and they may be able to connect you with someone who can give you direction and support.

Finally, while you are gaining stability, you must manage your expectations, both good and bad.  If you have started on an exciting journey, don’t expect that your life is going to be “just perfect” because this is what you’ve always wanted.  On the other side of the coin, if this is an uncomfortable place you are in; don’t regulate yourself to misery because an aspect of your life is shaky.  Manage your expectations by keeping this season in its proper perspective.

By following these tips…

Accepting your new normal

Remembering that you have been here before

Connecting with a comrade

Search for a tourist guide

Manage your expectations

…You will be able to create a pathway for yourself that brings you closer to fulfilling even more of your destiny!

Those are my tips.  What tips would you share for someone who is charting new territories?

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