Why should I join FWV?

Our tagline says it all. We believe that while we are all powerful in and of ourselves, we really are “stronger together than alone”. Our network is designed to be intimate and intentional. We want to help women create strategic partnership and relationships that will help them reach their personal and professional goals. And the bottom line is this. Aren’t you tired of just talking about it? It’s time to BE about it! And we want to help you “be” about what God has called you too!

What if I don’t own my own business or I don’t have entrepreneurial interest?

No problem. Our focus is not necessarily about business development. Our goal is to help empower women as they focus on their business pursuits, as well as educational, family and personal goals. The bottom line is that our heart beats when other women are living their life on purpose. We want to be a part of your journey.

There are so many other network organizations out there. What makes FWV different?

One of the main distinctions of our network is that we are strongly relationship-based! We want to get to know each of you personally. In addition, unlike many other networking organizations, we will offer several “working” sessions through the year. This is a strategic part of our organization that will allow all of us to work together strategically each year through power sessions.

I noticed that you are based in Atlanta. What if I don’t live in the area? Is FWV still an option for me?

Absolutely! We have several resources that you can access wherever you live. From our 24-7 FB Group, teleclasses, and online chats, you can stay fully engaged. Persons outside of Atlanta would also benefit greatly from our "LIFE CIRCLE" Program (Click HERE to learn more).   We also have future plans to expand our network to have local chapters in other cities, so connecting now will definitely have its advantages!

I want to connect but honestly, I don’t even know my passion. Is that okay?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Remember, if you want to walk in purpose you must be around people that are walking in purpose. Our network will offer coaching sessions, assessments and tele-seminars that will help you being to tap into what God has destined you for. And remember, we all have different areas of focus…and most importantly different seasons. Let us be a part of your journey of discovery!

Any other questions? Email us: support@robinmayonline.com