Stinking Thinking

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Whether we reference it clinically (Cognitive Distortions - CD's) or the easier to remember name, Stinking Thinking, below you will find a list of common default ways of thinking. CD's hinder us from being "FREE" in order to truly GROW!  Take some time to review this list and identify 3 TOP that resonate the most with you.  Next, ask someone you trust to hold you accountable to CHALLENGING your thinking when you demonstrate this train of thinking. ________________

1. Filtering: Focusing on the negative details while ignoring the positive aspects.

2. Polarized Thinking (or “Black and White” Thinking): Seeing things ONE WAY (either THIS or THAT), not allowing for any gray or middle ground.

3. Overgeneralization: Coming to a conclusion based on one piece of evidence.

4. Jumping to Conclusions: Deciding how someone feels (Especially about you) without giving them the opportunity to clarify.

 5. Catastrophizing: Magnifying a situation - Expecting and speaking disaster.

 6. Personalization: Believing that everything others say has something to do with their reaction to you.

7. Control Fallacies: Viewing yourself as a victim because you feel externally controlled or assuming responsibility for others pain/happiness.

8. Fallacy of Fairness: Distressed feelings because we think "life isn't fair" based on our idea of fairness.

9. Blaming: Holding others responsible for your pain and frustration.

10. Shoulds:  Determining (without flexibility) how others should act and being upset when they don't follow our rules.


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