Work with Robin

I am walking in my purpose when I help YOU walk in yours!  There are several ways that we can connect:

1. You can request to join the Private & ABSOLUTELY FREE “When Girls Gather” Facebook Group (click HERE). I am extremely interactive in the group and LOVE connecting with the ladies – – – We are all sisters!

2. Are you a member of an organization (church, sorority, work network, etc) that is looking for a speaker? Click HERE to check out speaking topics and to request me for your next event!

3. If you are interested in more personalized support, there are 4 options:

A. Individual Coaching or Counseling: I do offer individual coaching or counseling. Click HERE to describe the type of support you need.  We will email you to let you know whether or not I suggest coaching or counseling and will direct you accordingly.

B.  Customized “FRIEND” Group Session: You may be interested in our “LIFE Circle” Program! There is an option for you to connect with a few of your close girlfriends to go through a customized group program! This will allow you and your friends to go through the program at a discounted rate while holding one another accountable!  This program also includes an opportunity for group coaching with me. Click HERE to learn more this LIFE Circle option! 

C. LIFE Circle Independent Study: This Program is for the woman who knows she needs to prioritize her purpose by gaining clarity and building the courage to walk it out! This is PERFECT for the busy woman who wants to move at her own pace and is does well with a self-study.  Click HERE to learn more!

D. Vision Parties: Do you remember the old school Tupperware Parties? This is very similar yet instead of pushing Tupperware, I am your PURPOSE PUSHER! Gather your girlfriends, grab your supplies and let’s get clear on our purpose! To contact our office to learn more and to schedule your Vision Party, click HERE!